Future Trend Domains – Potential vs. Misconceptions

By Andrei Polgar // January 7, 2016
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I’ve always considered it nothing short of fascinating how much money people (especially beginners) lose by investing in the wrong future trend domains and I’d like to start by pointing out that yes, it’s easy to understand why so many investors consider this domain category appealing. They represent the domaining dream, if you will: spotting a promising future trend, hand registering a domain and ultimately selling it for a fortune.

If you tell people about making money consistently and in a sustainable manner by chasing after realistic ROI potential, most won’t get all too excited. If you tell them about the idea of registering a domain for ten bucks and ultimately selling for 5/6 figures on the other hand, their eyes tend to light up. Why? Because human beings are wired to gravitate towards anything which has to do with achieving results quickly (from weight loss scams to questionable investments).

Unfortunately, such methods rarely work.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility to hand register an amazing future trend domain. It’s just that the chance of being in the right place (in front of your computer screen, logged into your registrar account) at the right time (before everyone else) is extremely low. Ridiculously low even. Not zero mind you but again, very low.

It’s safe to say most people don’t manage to do this, so what next? Well, some move on and some settle for the next best thing. For example, if the future trend we’re talking about is 3D printing, they settle for 3D-Printing.com if 3DPrinting.com is not available. Fair enough. But what if the next best thing isn’t available either? Then, again, some move on and some settle for a lower quality domain.

The main problem with future trend domains, in my opinion at least, is that only a handful of domains are genuinely investment grade. 3DPrinting.com, 3DPrinter.com, 3DPrinters.com and a couple more. Once those are gone, domainers end up fighting for scraps and most of the “next best thing” domains are liabilities rather than investment grade inventory.

I can give you this tip from the bottom of my heart and without being afraid of offering bad advice: if the domain you’re thinking about registering isn’t one of the handful of genuinely investment grade ones for each future trend category, don’t do it. Move on and abandon the idea of hand registering lower quality alternatives. If you truly believe in the potential of whichever trend you’ve spotted and the best domains are gone, feel free to contact the current owners and make them an offer, perhaps they’re interested in a quick flip.

Words can’t begin to describe how important the “quality over quantity” approach is when it comes to future trend domains. Only aim for the best of the best in terms of inventory. If you can hand register them, great. If you can buy them from the current owner at a price which makes sense, great. If however you can’t, I’d strongly recommend moving on.

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One response to “Future Trend Domains – Potential vs. Misconceptions

  1. Nice to see an article about future trend domains . . . I was starved to hear info about future trend, since Stephen Douglas hasn’t been heard from . . . It’s a great point that, “being in the right place (in front of your computer screen, logged into your registrar account) at the right time (before everyone else)” is hard to achieve. I sure wish I had hand-registered SmartBra.com before the smart wearables became the biggest iot news this year at CES!


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